Greg Long's Gym is a family operated gym and we have been in business for thirty years. Our staff are all world and national champions, not to scare the faint hearted but think about it who would you like to put you through a training program someone who just received his or her training certificate or someone who has never won a body building show. I would have to say you would choose a world or national champions who have been training for forty five years.


Our Mission:

Our mission is to give you the body that you want. We will show how to train and what you have to eat to achieve the physique that you described to us. All you have to do is listen. For the advanced student, empty your cup half way and let us fill it with fresh new information, don't let your pride get in the way of becoming a champion. For the novice and the very new students the young and the advanced in age group, don't let the thought of having muscles to be negative, after all they are the only tissue that helps us get around, we need to have some. All you have to do is be here on the appropriate days and you will see a new body in a few months, and most importantly you will feel more positive and energized. Don't miss out!!! there are only a hand full of people with these credentials that you can personally talk to about your training problems and have a professional ,help you solve them.

Company Profile:
Greg Long has been training for forty five years and is currently training for the masters Mr. Olympia. He has won many shows including Mr. U.S.A. Mr. Universe. Mr. international . I.F.B.B. Mr., North America Mr. America and Mr. World, class winner. Gretta Long Ms. U.S.A. Ms. Jr America. Ms. Pennsylvania. and Ms.America class winner. Dennis Long Mr. Philadelphia. Mr. New Jersey. Mr. Atlantic coast and Mr. Eastern shore. Here are the people who are training you. Every person that came in our gym all achieved their goals and its not all to do with muscles. People have lowered their blood sugar to the point that they stopped taking insulin, lowered their cholesterol, stopped taking asthma medicine. Training is medicine, dieting is a cure but it has to be in the right hands to make it work.

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Telephone: 215 364 1168


Special, special, special.

We are having a special price for training partners two for one thats right get two for the price of one. Join for one year and your training partner trains for free,all for $400.00. Train with the best .