What:      Animal Fest

When:     June 20th, 2009

Where:    Greg Long's Gym

 About    Power and Endurance

Here is a great chance for you to test your stength and endurance!! The goal is to see how you hold up to high reps, there will be manny types of exercises to choose from such as barbell curls, dumbell fly's, leg extensons, chin ups, dips, push ups, dead lifts, seated presses, incline presses, and many more. Come down with your best personal record on any lift or movement and challenge the Animal team. Remember its not one rep its many. Do you have the power to hang with the best? if so come down on June 20th 2009, we will be happy to see you perform.

Greg Long

Mr. Universe



What:      The Mr Lehigh Valley Contest 

When:     May 16th 2009, 6:00 PM 

Where:    William Allen High School, 126 N 17th St Allentown, PA

 About     Greg Long's Gym has two contenders competing for the title in three different divisions, Monty Plumb will be competing in the novice and the open. John Fitzpatrick will be competing in the Masters division. Both men have been pushing the envelope for perfection and i have to say they will be a real threat at this show. I will have pictures and the out - come of this event so stay tuned.

Greg Long

Results of the Mr Leigh Valley Contest:

Monte Plumb placed 3rd in the novice contest.There were 15 contestants in the heavyweight class and in the lightweight there were 13 contestants, Monte finished in the top three. That is a very strong placing. In the open Monte placed 3rd again showing his consistency. There were thirty contestants in the open. We will have some pictures of the guys. So stay tuned.

John Fitzpatric  (Masters ) Mr Lehigh Valley Contset

John Placed 3rd in the Masters. There were 17 contestants . This was John's first contest and he has been training for 6 months. I feel john has a good season ahead of him. He placed in a very strong field of veteran body builders.

Congratulations gentelman, and good luck in the future.

Greg long

Well iam back with some great news. First June 20th animal fest at Greg Longs Gym was a big hit we had people challenging each other for reps and weight, it brings the animal out of you. And you end up doing things way beyond your goals. When the animal team get together its time you start thinking of doing your very best and stay focused for the rest of the year. Comming to these events will improve you thinking about intensity and what it feels like to push your self to a new level endurance. If you were not here? you must get ready for the next chance to get accelerated into a new world of training. I want to thank all the people who came and made this show a great lesion.


On the same date June 20th 2009 The Mr. Pennsylavana  and Mr. Keystone States were being held. Two men from Greg Longs Gym were in the shows . And I am proud to say both these men won there shows. Dave Kenderdine won the Mr. Pennsylvani. Monte Plumb won the Keystone States. Hard work, hard dieting persistence never quit attitude, will bring victory. Great job guys, we love you.

Greg Long / Mr. Universe